As women, especially American women, much of our womanliness is centered on our breasts. No matter where one look, there are pictures, billboards, commercials, television shows, and movies of women with ample cleavage and these beautiful breasts. The contimplationthought of losing one or both breasts, to breast cancer, can be devastating for many of us. Sure, there’s reconstruction, but will it ever really look the same again? Even if you have reconstruction, you’ll never have sensation there again and, for many of us, that definitely affects our sexuality.

A close friend of mine went through two separate mastectomies, for my breast cancer, despite the fact that she wanted them both done at the same time. Two different surgeons told her that wasn’t necessary. They found out, later, that it was, as she had thought, the same breast cancer in both breasts. Through these surgeries, she learned a few things about what to expect, and how to get up and running again, after a mastectomy for breast cancer.

The first thing she realized is that, apart from the emotional aspect of such an operation, this is a straightforward surgery. The breast is composed, mostly, of fatty tissue and, of course, milk ducts and lobes. The removal of this breast tissue is much easier than operating on an organ, but carries much more significanceimpact for most of us. Most surgeons will get as much of the breast tissue out as they can to help lessen the chance of a recurrence of your breast cancer. You will usually wind up with a horizontal scar about four inches long. The scar may be red for quite a while but, ultimately, should fade to where you can hardly see it anymore.

Since you won’t be able to raise your arms over your head for a while, you will want to be sure to take loose-fitting, button-down shirts with you to the hospital,. You will also need a sports bra. It is highly recommend one that fastens in the front. They will put that on you after your surgery. Typically, you should be able to stay in the hospital for one night. If you’re going to have lymph nodes removed, a small pillow, to slip under that arm, will help make you more comfortable. Check with your local American Cancer Society. They may have small pillows for you. An extra pillow to hold to your chest, if you need to cough, sneeze, or laugh, can help keep your incision from aching.

When you wake up, you will have a couple of drain tubes for each side you have done. These tubes are important as they allow the excess fluid, which your body will produce, to drain out. If you didn’t have them, the fluid would have to be removed with a needle. These drains will have to be emptied a couple of times a day. One will have to write down how much fluid you drain so the doctor will know when you’ve slowed down enough to remove them. You may not know where to put these drains under your clothing. She pinned hers up to the sports bra and that way so they didn’t pull when she moved.

Plan on having someone there to help you for the first few days after you get home. You won’t be allowed to reach into your cabinets and definitely won’t be able to clean house or pick up your little children. You’ll be sent home with pain meds and definitely take them when you need them. Studies show that you will heal faster if you keep yourself out of pain, so don’t be afraid to take them as prescribed.

You’ll need to sleep in a partial sitting position. If you have a recliner, you may consider moving it into the bedroom as you won’t be able to lie flat for a while. If you don’t have one, or don’t have space for it in your bedroom, lots of pillows will work, too. Just be sure you have enough pillows to keep yourself comfortably propped up.

If you would like someone who’s been there before you to visit with, be sure to call your local American Cancer Society. There is an American Cancer Society program where they try to match you with one of their volunteers who have a similar experience as you. This woman will come visit you and will bring you all kinds of brochures and information on conventional treatment. She will also bring a list of exercises to start doing to regain your mobility and range of motion.

This is VERY important. It hurts to stretch your arm up, after surgery, but if you haven’t had reconstruction, and you don’t start soon, you will lose that range of motion. I’d recommend starting to gently, slowly reach your arm up … let your body be your guide … the day after your surgery. This is ONLY if you have not had reconstruction. If you have, let your plastic surgeon tell you when to start stretching. Push to where it hurts just a little, but do not push too far beyond that. Little by little, you’ll find yourself able to stretch a little farther every couple of days.

In all circumstances, make sure you first and foremost follow all your physicians’ directions. You should feel free to contact them at any point post surgery and during your recovery. Keeping them informed of your concerns will allow them to address them immediately and will speed your recovery right along.

CJ Hammons is a veteran educator and entrepreneur. For Your Health and Wellness Needs, Visit Her Site

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Breast Cancer Information Is Important

Breast cancer usually happens when certain cells located in the breast start to grow out of control, taking over nearby tissue and spreading throughout the body. Large collections of this infected tissue are called “tumors”. Some tumors are not even thought to be cancer because they cannot spread throughout the body or threaten a person’s life. These kinds of tumors are called “benign tumors”.

The types of tumors that do spread throughout the body and invade the tissues around the breast are considered to be cancer and have been given the name “malignant tumors”. It is said that any type of tissue in the breast can form some type of cancer, but it mostly comes from either ducts or glands.

It can take months or even years for a tumor to get big enough for someone to actually feel it in their breast. Therefore, women are encouraged to be screened for tumors by a mammogram. Mammograms are designed to detect any type of disease before a person even begins to feel it.

Breast cancer is the most common “malignancy” that affects women in America and throughout Europe. The American Cancer Society anticipates about 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer in women will be diagnosed and that about 57,650 new cases of carcinoma in situ (CIS) will be found (CIS is non-invasive and is the earliest form of breast cancer). The ACS also estimates that about 39,520 deaths from breast cancer (women) will occur. Breast cancer is the second highest cause, behind lung cancer, of cancer deaths among women in North America.

The types of risk factors for breast cancer are divided into two types: those you can’t change and those you can change. The factors associated with increasing your risk of breast cancer that your can’t change include: just being a woman, getting older, or having some type of family history or a relative with breast cancer. Other risk factors are having your menopause late, having children past the age of thirty, or contracting a genetic mutation that would somehow increase your risk.

Certain types of risk factors that you can change are: (1) avoiding hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which means that long term uses of estrogen for menopause symptoms does in fact slightly increase your risk, and (2) stopping the use of birth control pills, because it is noted that ten years following the cessation of The Pill, a woman’s risk of breast cancer reverts to what it would have been if she had not used this form of birth control.

However, neither of these risks are as significant as the ones that are associated with your gender, age, and family history.

All the factors are based on probabilities which means that a person without any of those mentioned is still subject to developing breast cancer and the best way to be sure is to get the proper screening and detection for breast cancer development.

The most important step for a woman to be aware of a tendency towards breast cancer is to schedule regular checkups, screenings and mammograms, learn how to perform her own exams, and also to acquire all the information she can about the subject. A woman should see her doctor regularly to schedule screenings and discuss this topic of breast cancer and other women’s health issues.

Ms. Hammons is associated with a nationally renown company providing natural vitamins and supplements to those in the United States, Canada, and Austraiia.

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Cancer Prevention And What Green Tea Can Do

Most people are scared rigid of developing cancer. That is quite understandable – who wants to spend a few years undergoing chemotherapy just to die a few years later? Or even if you recover it is a couple of years out of your life that have been worrying and gruelling. And not just for the patient but for friends and family as well.

So, some people do everything possible to reduce the risks of developing cancer. Most of us do not think we know how to do this, others are not certain, but they have heard or read something that sounds ‘around about correct’ and others are convinced that they know how to avoid contracting cancer.

My wife is convinced that I may get cancer from eating burnt toast and others are convinced that they can stave off cancer by saturating their body with green tea. It has often been pointed out and for decades too, that countries where green tea is the norm, say the Far East, have a much lower incidence of cancer than we do in the West.

And this is almost certainly true at the moment. But why is it a fact? I live in Asia and diabetes is the number one killer near me. Do Asians not get cancer as much as we do because they drink green tea or for other reasons?

In fact, where I live in Northern Thailand, I have never seen anyone drink tea or coffee or accept a cup off me, except my wife. Villagers here drink water or alcohol, depending on the time of day. Kids love Cola or Sprite or whatever because they watch as well much television, but drink a lot of water.

It is said that green tea is an anti-oxidant and it is alleged that anti-oxidants help get rid of free radicals which could cause cancer. If this is true, then the claims for green tea are maybe more substantial.

However, the claims are so all-encompassing that it makes me sceptical. I am reading a report right now that claims that green tea will prevent the formation of cancerous cells in the: “… aesophagus, bladder, on the skin, in the ovaries, the pancreas and the prostate”.

That is a very tall order indeed.

The problem for me with all these claims is that they are not corroborated – there are no references that you can follow that do not lead to companies selling green tea. This is a problem.

Some will say that the government or the pharmaceutical businesses are suppressing the information because they want to sell more expensive drugs – and this might be the case – grist to the mill for conspiracy theorists and retailers of Chinese tea.

Now that we appear to be entering into a ‘new era’, a more sceptical and more enlightened era (thanks a great deal to the World Wide Web), couldn’t someone do some investigation on green tea and Acai berries and all the rest of the stuff you read of in your junk emails and put an end once and for all to the false hopes, if that is what they are, that we are being sold each day by unscrupulous advertisers hoping for a quick buck?

Owen Jones, the author of this piece, writes on quite a few subjects, but is now involved with the stages of ovarian cancer. If you want to know more, please visit our web site at Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

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Whether you do it for business reasons or for you own personal sense of style, it is important to express yourself. We actually express ourselves everyday. Sometimes, we aren’t even aware of it. Even something as small, and mostly unnoticed to us, as our personal bank checks can give others a sense of who we are.

If you want to carry personalized checks, rather than plain boring bank checks, you have many options to choose from. You can find humorous checks, cartoon characters, or even religious images. However, some checks are more than just pretty pictures. If you order Breast Cancer Awareness personal checks, for example, money from the sale will actually be given to different breast cancer foundations.

Other than skin cancer, breast cancer faces more American women than any other form of cancer. The chance of a woman in the United States developing breast cancer is 12%, or 1 in 8 women.

Breast cancer, after lung cancer, is the second chief cause of cancer-associated deaths of women. However, since 1990 breast cancer-related deaths have declined, due partly to the fact that breast cancer awareness has lead more women to going for early screenings. Early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer.

There has been more development in the fight against breast cancer than against any other type of cancer. Part of this is due to the breast cancer awareness groups and foundations that help educate women about early detection and treatment options. Early detection is a major key to surviving breast cancer. Today, there are 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

Breast cancer awareness is being increased with the use of breast cancer personal checks. Although the images vary, proceeds from most of the purchases go towards educating women, research opportunities, and treatment. One such foundation that is benefited through this process is the Susan G. Komen Search for the Cure. Sometimes, as much as 10% of the proceeds earned from the checks can be donated to the various foundations.

There are several different breast cancer awareness designs that you can choose from when ordering your checks. Everything from angel-themed checks to pretty retro-themed checks are available for purchase.

Of course, the pink ribbon checks are the most popular. Ribbons are the universal theme for awareness. The pink ribbon has become the globally recognized symbol for breast cancer awareness.

Some companies will even let you create a customized message over the signature line, giving you another way of personalizing your checks. If you have lost a loved one to breast cancer, or if you want to share part of your own survival story, this can be a good way to get the message out.

Remember that if you want to purchase Breast Cancer Awareness checks, it can save you money if you order them online. Ordering them online can actually save you 50% of the cost that your bank will probably charge you. It usually takes about 2 or 3 days for the checks to get to you once you’ve ordered them, so it might even save you time, as well.

Before you purchase breast cancer checks, visit to find coupons and to save 50% off your next purchase of breast cancer personal checks.

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Fareston is really a specialized drug approved by the FDA to take care of women with certain kinds of breast cancers. Used in very specific circumstances through the early stages of this disease, the drug has undergone extensive studies. The first trials demonstrate that the medication provides 5 years of excellent results in comparison with some other comparable drugs.

Research has revealed great results when used as the first hormone therapy for women who have passed menopause and have hormone receptor positive breast cancer. These kinds of good results have an increased length of time before cancer returns in recurrent cases, decreasing the spread of cancer to the remaining body, and lowering the risks that cancer will establish in the other breast.

Though its manufacturers advise that patients utilize the medication for five years, physicians may alter the length used to be longer as well as shorter depending on patient needs. The drug is manufactured in pills which are to be taken daily orally. It’s preferable to to take each pill the same time during the day. The ingredient is Toremifene Citrate in the amount of one milligram. Other inactive ingredients do include lactose, so individuals with lactose sensitivity may wish to discuss the ingredients with their doctor.

Since the drug is effective at lowering estrogen levels, some women realize that their tumors grow slower as well as shrink. For some, it will likely be very effective treatments for ovarian cancer. Positive results are considered in these instances through the clinical trials and afterwards.

This drug shows sensitivity to moisture and light. For that reason, it must be kept in a dry area from the bathroom. Moderate temperatures from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit are recommended.

The success rate for women who used this product over other medicine was seventeen percent, as per some studies. These women tested free of cancer after 5 years of the studies. Another encouraging aspect of the medication is that the women taking it were more unlikely to stop as a result of negative effects. It was incorrect of other brands in the same trials.

Fareston is experiencing and enjoying the status for being recognized for helping ladies who failed to respond well to other medications. At least two studies showed this positive trend within patient groups who had new cancer as well as recurring forms. Some women had advanced stages of cancer of the breast and were still helped, even though they had shown no response to other therapies. Being a new medical tool to address against breast cancer, this product is making its mark.

Tykor Jacobieyu is definitely an significant health publisher also as specialist. Though having placed in years of analysis, the writer seems to have taken into consideration Femara. If this health care problem is one of the issues, it is very best to appear into Femara.

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Arimidex is a specialized drug authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to deal with women with certain forms of breast cancers. Utilized in very specific circumstances throughout the early stages of the disease, the drug has undergone extensive studies. The early trials show how the medication provides Several years of excellent results when compared with some other comparable medications.

Research shows achievement when applied since the first hormone therapy for girls who’ve passed menopausal and possess hormone receptor positive breast cancers. These kind of positive results have an increased length of time before cancer returns in recurrent cases, decreasing the spread of cancer for the remaining portion of the body, and lowering the risks that cancer will develop within the other breast.

How long required to utilize this drug is Five years normally. Some medical doctors will change the length of time to match each individual. The manufacturers recommend that patients take one capsule at the same time daily, by mouth, with or without having foods. The active ingredient is anastrozole, which can be present as you milligram per pill.

Since the drug works well at lowering estrogen levels, some women find that their tumors grow more slowly as well as shrink. For some, it’ll be an effective treatment for ovarian cancer. Good results result in such cases throughout the clinical trials and afterwards.

Estrogen hormones are reduced using the drug. It is useful in shrinking tumors or slowing their growth rate. For that reason, the drugs are often used to treat ovarian cancers, even though its primary use is targeted toward breast cancers. The precise timing and use is best determined by a physician that is working closely to comprehend the requirements of each patient.

Some studies have shown that this drug helped 17 percent more women than competitive drugs did. This can be a remarkable percentage when considering how the women over these studies were actually cancer free after Five years from the study. These women were also less likely to prevent utilizing the medication as a result of side effects in comparison to the other brands of drugs inside the study.

When women usually do not respond to other conventional medications, Arimidex research indicates to be helpful. For ladies that have whether new cancer or even a recurring one, the item supplies a good response as a result of treatment. Other women whose cancer was advanced also had good measures of success even though they might not have had a good reaction to other medications. This drug may be an extremely helpful tool to take into account inside the fight against breast cancer.

Valentinu Jonatanoret is considered a specialist in most details related about health. The writer is definitely committed to intensive study of medications much like Arimidex to create every item’s effectivity. Find out the benefits related with Arimidex.

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Information Regarding Breast Cancer

The official phrase for breast cancer is ‘malignant breast neoplasm’. Breast cancer starts most often in the inner lining of the milk ducts or the lobules that supply the ducts with milk. The general term for cancers that originate in ducts is ‘ ductal carcinomas’ and the term for cancers originating from the lobules is ‘lobular carcinomas’.

Successful treatment depends greatly on the kind of cancer, staging and the age of the patient, however the figures vary from 10% to 98%. Worldwide, breast malignant breast neoplasm for just more than 10% of all cancers in women, which makes it the second most common form of cancer in women after skin cancer.

In 2004 (the latest figures available at the moment), breast cancer caused almost 520,000 deaths worldwide, which is 7% of all deaths by cancer and 1% of all deaths. One more interesting statistic is that women are 100 times more likely to get breast cancer than men, but women have a far higher likelihood of recovery (usually due to more frequent screening).

October has been nominated as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ and the symbol used (not only in October) is the ‘Pink Ribbon’. It has become a global symbol of breast cancer awareness.

However, some firms have been criticized for putting the pink ribbon on the labels of their products (see Kentucky Fried Chicken and some alcoholic drinks). The lesson to be learned is to check out how much that firm really donates to malignant breast neoplasm awareness and research.

If Breast Cancer Awareness month is to do any use, the one thing it should concentrate on is making women aware that this form of cancer is not a death sentence, because if it can be treated early the survival rate is very high. Even cancers that have been caught ‘a little late’ can be treated successfully although the treatment will almost certainly be much more severe.

All women ought to go for frequent screening by a professional – at least once a year – but they ought to also learn how to test their breasts themselves and get into the habit of doing the self-test every day whilst washing in the shower. You could also get a friend to lend a hand by incorporating it into foreplay.

The information necessary for self-testing is widely available all year round (not merely in October) at your doctor’s surgery or at your gynecologist’s. It is also available in libraries, clinics, some schools and on Internet. One of the foremost factors that you should take in to account when deciding on your strategy for counteracting the threat of cancer is whether any other members of your family have had breast cancer or any other form of cancer for that matter.

One anxiety that many people in the know have is that breast cancer research is getting too high a proportion of the whole amount available for funding for cancer research. This means that more patients are dying of other kinds of cancer than should be.

Owen Jones, the writer of this piece, writes on quite a few topics, but is now involved with the stages of ovarian cancer. If you would like to know more, please visit our web site at Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

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Women with breast cancer now have new hope of recovery. Fareston has been tested to stop cancer cell tissue from building as well as continuing, thus offering a positive treatment for the ailment. Medicines is highly endorsed to girls entering its postmenopausal time period to make sure higher percentage of results but, are also purely discourage to those who’re going to and are at this time pregnant. Animal experiment shows that ingestion of these medicine can cause harm to the unborn child as well inhibit the mother?s capacity to become pregnant.

An exam has been manufactured that this particular drugs are more efficient when taken after having a 3-year Tamoxifen treatment. It demons right after finishing the 5-year hormonal treatment may prevent cancer recurrence and prevent contaminating another breast. However, this medication should not be taken by expecting mothers more nevertheless to mothers who are still likely to have a baby. It is deemed to harm the fetus along with inhibit the ability of mothers to have a baby. Oahu is the patient?s choice if they should follow the first treatment or move on using the latter. Whatever the choice is, sick individuals have only one goal at heart and that’s to extract and convey back good health.

This medicine operates by stopping estrogen development which is the cause stimulating the cancer tissues. The treatment includes one dose a day for the next two years after Tamoxifen. Whenever the sufferer miss a dose, never double the next dosage instead continue with the next pill as scheduled. This drug is commonly prescribed by doctors to breast cancer patient, therefore, always ask for their advice on how to go about the medication process.

Negative effects are unavoidable when taking medication. Same with Fareston, there are a few unwanted effects you might encounter including menopausal flashes, arthritis, joint aches, back aches, vomiting, nausea, and insomnia. However, one significant complication that patient should think about will be the elevated bone fracture or even more often called osteoporosis. This is usually experienced following the medication.

This excellent drugs is banned to women that are pregnant or those planning to possess one, premenopausal women, and also patients having intense allergic reactions to the ingredients present in this substance. For pregnant women, it is discovered that consuming this medication will harm the unborn infant. More so, in research created on pets showed maternity failure hence firmly discouraged to be taken by women that are pregnant or those who still wish to have a child. However no study for nursing mothers has actually been performed but to this date it is best to avoid this to prevent more complications. However, one major undesirable side effect has been found to evolve with this medication and that is osteoporosis. It was verified that through the process of the treatment there is an elevation of bone fractures. Minor side effects were also manifest such as menopausal flashes, lower power ranges, joint aches, back pains, feeling sick, throwing up, and sleeplessness.

Pejona Katsuorami is known as the examiner and consultant with regards to the medical industry. She is convinced that Fareston could be life-changing. All you need to learn about Fareston in this informative article.

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Hearing the news that you or anyone you know is sick with cancer of the breast will drag you down. The heft of the problem seems too big to handle which may sometimes discourage you to move on in life. But since you are still living, life has to move on. Gladly innovations in medication for cancer have dramatically developed its effectiveness hence, more and more sufferers have now enjoyed its benefits. One extensive breakthrough in the area of medication is the Femara.

These types of drugs are commonly given by physicians for individuals with breast cancer who are currently in its menopause stage. A medical study has been created and has gathered facts more than 8 years about the treatment solution. The ATAC demonstration proved the biggest cancer of the breast method research projects done in females with early phase cancer who were only coming into their menopause period. This program was analyzed along with another treatment called Tamoxifen.

The increase of excess estrogen will raise the proliferation of cancer cells. Therefore, by hindering or even ceasing its progress will slow down the actual growth these cancerous tissues. An molecule referred to as aromatase is introduced in the human gland located on the kidney. The proactive element of the drug is Anastrozole, a new aromatase inhibitor that prevents the aromatase enzyme from bio-synthesizing (building and building) more estrogen.

Unwanted effects are unavoidable when having medication. Same with Femara, there are a few unwanted effects you may encounter such as hot flashes, arthritis, joint aches, back aches, vomiting, nausea, and insomnia. However, one significant side effect that patient must look into may be the elevated bone fracture or more commonly known as osteoporosis. This is usually experienced following your medication.

You could speak to your doctor for advice as to how you can minimize the side effects. Uncover methods and techniques that might help patients from recovering with minimal complication issues about the drug used. With complete process and prudence in following plan of action, patient may enjoy the benefits of incorporating this drug in to the process. And hopefully eliminate sickness along with prevent the recurrence of cancer of the breast.

Murchadh Pankajem is a highly-regarded consultant across the medical investigation area. Making certain that drug treatments just like Femara are available to virtually all users. If you want to understand how to control this illness, find out more about Femara.

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Currently being informed that you may have cancer of the breast in any form may be destructive, however thanks to innovative science it doesn’t have to signify giving up hope. Brand-new remedies against this significant disease have already been developed over the years as well as cancer of the breast individuals have been trialling the idea with extremely great achievement.The most beneficial approach would be to consider an energetic role in your wellness, therefore do research regarding your illness and discover more about drugs like Femara for you to overcome it.

Many breast cancer tissues require the hormone estrogen to grow and this medicine contains the active component known as Letrozole, which stops the formation of estrogen. Immediately after menopause has started the aromatase enzyme is the cause of creating estrogen coming from various kinds of androgens which includes testosterone. Letrozole functions by inactivating the aromatase enzyme in changing any further androgens into estrogens.

This kind of medicine is a doctor’s prescription only drug advised for your subsequent conditions: as an adjuvant treatment with regard to early estrogen receptor positive breast cancer in post menopausal women soon after finishing 2-3 years of Tamoxifen therapies, subsequently switching over to this medicine to form component of a five yr hormonal medication program. The 2nd symptom is regarding post menopausal women whose breast cancer have enhanced after treatment with Tamoxifen.

Tamoxifen functions by blocking estrogen from joining to cancer cells which might enable additional expansion. The medicine features simply by blocking the producing associated with estrogen and it learnt to lower estrogen levels in|throughout|with|on|for|found in affected individuals as much as 98%. In the case of breast cancer patients the lower the estrogen indicates much less advancement of the tumors.

It really is not safe to make use of this medication when you are planning to get pregnant or in case you are currently expecting. Animal tests supplied evidence that Letrozole could cause damage to fetuses and trigger pregnancy loss. This prescription drug is also contra-indicated in pre-menopausal ladies and to any individuals allergic to any of its components.

Throughout the trials sufferers had unwanted effects and one of the more significant ones were osteoporosis. Letrozole reduces the density of bone structures which in turn elevate the probabilities of fractures. Additional unpleasant results had been: scorching flushes, weariness, headaches and inability to rest.

The particular verdict after the trials exactly where affected individuals had been turned from Tamoxifen just after 2-3 years of Femara, which appears to be quite encouraging. Affected individuals had been followed-up for three years after initializing treatment utilizing this type of drug and then again following 5 years and evaluations had been produced among those that concluded to continue to be with Tamoxifen as well as people who chose to make the change. Patients who seem to had the particular modification demonstrated a 31% decreased in threat of the cancer malignancy returning and 68% reduced dangers of the other breast becoming damaged by breast cancer. Really stimulating outcomes indeed.

Mhajor Jhedidiah is frequently researching and also writing a variety of illnesses for a long time. This information has been composed pursuing certain scientific studies concerning Femara. This article will show you in deciding if Femara is the right approach.

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