How do facebook status campaigns help breast cancer?

Question by …: How do facebook status campaigns help breast cancer?
I mean, I’m aware of breast cancer, just like I’m aware of lots of other types of cancer. I really feel for the families and people who have gone through breast cancer, as I have had many close ones die from cancer. But recently there is the Facebook thing about the weeks and the candy cravings. How does it help?

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Answer by ???????
It doesn’t. Just about everyone who’s old enough to know about breast cancer is already aware of it. Writing those stupid status updates does not help in any way. I think people just feel guilty if they don’t do it so that’s why they post it up plus they probably just want to make people wonder if they really are pregnant or not.

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what are breast cancer symptoms????? plz help?

A question asked by Mariam knows best: what are breast cancer symptoms????? plz help?
I have two lumps on my right breasts and its begining to hurt and i just came back form the er they said i need a momograhm….I cant get one soon but till i do i want to know what could it be.

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Answer by lys j
I don’t want to be negative or scare you, but 80% of women who have felt lumps and gone to the doctor finding out that its true do have breast cancer. best of luck. i hope its not true for you.

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Breast Cancer Treatment Help ?!?!?

Question posed by Ichigo K: Breast Cancer Treatment Help ?!?!?
My mother had surgery after she found out she had breast cancer. Its been almost a month after her surgery. The doctor says she fine now although he said that the cancer cells will come back and she will have breast cancer again after 5 years or so. He told my mom about doing 2 types of treatments. One was Chemotherapy which is pretty strong and you loose your hair. My mom did not understand the 2nd treatment because shes not good at English. It has to do something with finishing the treatment in one year. Does anyone know what treatment it is ?

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Answer by ??G?AC3??
maybe radiation, they sometimes do that in conjunction with chemo.

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Question by deer: What can you do to help prevent breast cancer after you start taking birth control pills?
Birth control pills can cause breast cancer. What type of “preventative maintenance” can you do while you’re on them?

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Answer by hb232
there is no sure way to prevent breast cancer; however, regular exercise and eating healthy can’t hurt. Make sure you are doing monthly self breast exams and getting a mammogram if you 40 or over (or earlier if you have a history).

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Question by ghetto_country_girl2010: hey i really need to know the different types of breast cancer and there names can any one help me please??

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Answer by snugglebunny
You can read all about them here

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Question by Susan Komen is a SCAM: Will The Susan Komen foundation help pay for my friends breast cancer treatment?
With as much revenue susan komen brings in for ‘the cure’ I was told the organization will even fund all the treatment…is that true?

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Answer by Geaux LSU Tigers!!!
Have you asked them? I doubt it, I bet their money goes to research and marketing.

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Question posed by Luz1219: How do i raise money for my moms BREAST CANCER TREATMENT?? HELP?
On Friday afternoon i got a call from my sister and tld me my moms breast cancer screening came out positive. First i started to cry and then i began to worry about my parents finances my dad hasn’t worked for years due to being disabled at his former job and they have no medical insurance. I have decided to try to raise some money for her treatment, i just need some ideas and be pointed in the right direction.

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Answer by A A
For starters, I would check with the hospital she will getting treatment–sometimes they can help people who are unable to pay full price. If your parents are low income, they may qualify for medicaid or some other govt program, particularly since your father is disabled. You can call the Am Cancer Society 24/7 (1-800-227-2345) for list of national & local resources. Some drug companies can help with meds, some organizations can help with other costs. Sometimes there are transportation help, either through ACS or other organizations. It can take some searching, but help can be found.

As to fundraisers, if your parents are well known in their community, or are regulars at certain restaurants or businesses, and your parents are ok with it, you might ask them to hold a fundraiser dinner or something, with the tips or a percentage of profits going to your mom’s treatment. Good luck & my best wishes to your mom!!!

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