Mom with breast cancer?

jwalka27 asked:

I know there are different types of breast cancer and I dont know what kind my mom has but she told me they found it early so I dont have anything to worry about and all this stuff. But I was wondering what the different stages there are and what stage do you think she has, I know shes had a lot of doctors appointments and had surgery. I also want to know how survivable each stage is and how long it would take to cure?

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Hayk asked:

My mom has breast cancer. What is her chance of survival?

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Geogre asked:

My mom only gets checked once a year for breast cancer, that is why I am concerned for her.

She does not have breast cancer, but she’s 57, going to be 58. I am concerned about her, she eats right, she has gotten checked for years, and she has no signs of breast cancer.

She told me she examines herself for bumps, lumps, odd discharges, and abnormalities of her breasts.

She has found no signs, but I was concerned because my mom only gets checked out ONCE a year.

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sweetlilpea asked:

Well me and my Family just found out that my mom has breast cancer and i am not sure how to deal with it…my mom is my best friend even though i am a pain in the *** sometime…but she has bent over back wards for me and my siblings….i am afraid i am going to loose her and i dont want that to happen….she has decided to have her left Breast removed..idk how to deal with it…

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What would breast cancer actually feel like?

LS asked:

I thought I had found something the other day, and when I asked my mom she said that the breast tissue is very different and there are normally a few parts of the breast that are harder then others.
So now I am confused of what a lump would actually feel like.. and how big would it be?

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live,laugh,love;) asked:

my grandma had breast cancer and my mom heard that some where and now she will neeever let me wear bras with underwire!

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LionLove asked:

this is the 2nd time this week i talked to people about my mom having cancer, b/c it’s her 3 year anniversary (we always joke about how she had to get breast cancer during the breast cancer awareness month)
so when I talk about it with people, they act like they didn’t hear me or awkwardly walk away, and even my teacher did this! Is it really that uncomfortable for them? Couldn’t they at least pull a measly little “i’m so sorry!” and not leave me hanging?

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Gabe asked:

My mom recently go diagnosed with breast cancer and she is a 5th grade teacher. She is going to start school soon but is concerned about what or how much to tell her students about this. She will be losing her hair in about 2 weeks. What should she do?

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iizbored asked:

My mom just passed away due to breast cancer and I do alot of 5K’s. I would like to support her some way. Any ideas?

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Breast Cancer?

crazee monkey asked:

My mom’s cousin had breast cancer and died. Does this mean the chance of me getting breast cancer has increased? If so, when should I have a check-up?
just wondering… at what age should you start having checkups?

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