Question by ricky: what groups of people most likely to get this type of breast cancer?
Ex: males, females, childern, infants, race, ethnic background.

Most comprehensive answer:

Answer by nano
Women with positive family history(mother,sister…)
Nulliparus women(those who didn’t have children)
women over 45 years of age.
all those and many more create a high risk groups for developping breast cancer.

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Gluten allergy causes breast cancer?

CaptainGuineaPig asked:

I have an aunt who is on a “gluten-free” diet and she swears by it. She says that she tested positive for a gluten allergy, and says that it is a type of autoimmune disease. She has never had cancer (*knock on wood*) but she told me that gluten was poisoning her, and that gluten sensitive people can develop cancer as a result of eating gluten. Before she stopped eating gluten she had weird symptoms: tired all the time, feeling sluggish, and others… but she swears that they have all gone away since she started this diet. Is it true that gluten can cause breast cancer or autoimmune disease in people with the allergy?
She says that gluten is a poison to the system in people who are allergic and that it can eventually kill an allergy sufferer unless they give it up… I am not sure who is wrong or right but I have no idea what to believe.

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. asked:

I read that Tamoxifen can be used in people in the advanced stages of breast cancer. Will it still be helpful at all if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes?

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Deadly Kisses asked:

I am 18. I naturally have dry and sensative skin. I’ve noticed the skin on my breast is dry and sometimes itchy esp my left breast and the nipple on my left breast is more slightly oval looking than my right nipple which looks more round looking. The skin on my breast sometimes gets itchy depending on the soap I am using on my bras and on my skin when I bathe. I am freaking out and paranoid from all the breast cancer people are getting. Is this normal? I don’t want to go to doctor.

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Dave asked:

The best part is that you are still alive, of course it is. But sometimes fear grabs hold of you and you cannot shake it loose. Fear that it can come back, fear of if it does then you will have to go through all that treatment again, and it could come back worse.

I had been feeling those feelings all week, so at work today I wore my pink ribbon. Two ladies asked me why I was wearing it and I replied that my wife finished her breast cancer treatment and that in January it will be her third follow up after her last treatment. The older woman said that she was a 45 year survivor of breast cancer, and the other woman was her daughter that was a four and a half year survivor of the cancer we have which is Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Usually, you will hear horror stories, but there are those that beat the disease, those that have lives that continue on and the scars of the disease are mostly gone. There are stories of hope out there, and caring and compassionate people. The ladies gave me their number and welcomed to talk to my wife about anything.

You too are people like that, we are sort of a family together struggling to survive. Have you heard or come across stories of hope too and if so, wanna share?

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Abby Corneto asked:

If one person in my family had breast cancer, am I more likely to get it? If, say, five people had it in my family, would I would be almost guaranteed to get it? A close friend recently was diagnosed, and it made me highly curious. I found out that my great grandmother had it – if anyone is educated in this topic, please let me know the risks.

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kadtree asked:

I am doing a research paper on breast cancer and psychological intervention. This is what I have for my thesis statement,need feedback please…… People survive breast cancer everyday through early detection and treatment, it is also known that psychological intervention can help have a better quality of life, rather than not having the psychological intervention at all.

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H.O.P.E. asked:

I have breast cancer and I want to know why they took it off the air. Who gave **** Clark the right to keep people like my self suffering with this disease from watching something I understand that is beautiful . Put it back we need to see something beautiful for something that is so ugly.
I want to see the video, the breast cancer dance.

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What are ways you can support breast cancer?

<3 asked:

So I’m making something for school and i need stuff you can do to help people with breast cancer. I’m not talking about donating money though like this is the kind of stuff i need. :

I helped a friend.
i made a difference.
i donated some love.

anything that starts with an I please
thanks :)

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