Types of Breast Radiation Therapy

Explaining types of breast cancer in a nutshell.

Radiation oncologist Michele Halyard, MD, of Mayo Clinic in Arizona explains the differences between whole and partial breast radiation.
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Breast Cancer Treatment (08): Radiation Therapy

I you are looking for information about breast cancer treatment then I have little doubt that you will find this video especially useful.

Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Oakland and Berkeley, CA Breast Cancer Treatment Options (08): Radiation Therapy Video for Women Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer This segment describes the goal of radiation therapy, to remove any microscopic cancers left in the breast, how radiation therapy is broken down over the course of therapy, what is involved in having radiation therapy done and potential side affects due to radiation therapy. The purpose of this video is to guide you through the stages of evaluation of this disease, describe factors that affect prognosis, and discuss various treatments which may be appropriate for you. We don’t endorse or recommend one course of treatment over another, but rather provide this information to help you understand your options before you consult with your doctors about your treatment plan. Please note: Viewing this video works best over a high speed internet connection. If you’d prefer to receive a DVD copy, please call our office at (510) 204-1591.


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www.baptisthealth.net Baptist Health South Florida and Baptist Health Breast Center present the importance of breast cancer mammograms as well as the types of radiation therapy offered for breast cancer. Digital mammography offers clearer images compared to traditional breast cancer mammograms and is the best screening for breast cancer at an early stage. It is also important to schedule your yearly mammogram with a radiation specialist in Mammography and Womens Imaging for an accurate diagnosis. www.baptisthealth.net
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mabelle a asked:

I want to know more abount the treatment inrespect to radiation and chemotherapy.

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.:SMILE 4 ME:. asked:

My friend recently found out she had breast cancer and I was wondering if it is dangerous to be around someone that went through radiation? Will it provoke cancer on me or affect me in any way?

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Naked for breast cancer
Leighdon Studio Gallery presents Nudes for Breast Cancer Awareness benefiting the B.C. Cancer Foundation. Twenty-eight B.C. artists will display more than 80 works of nude-themed art to raise money for breast cancer research.

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Slight changes in two key genes appear to launch breast cancer development
Researchers have been able to show, in mice, how just a little adjustment in the expression of two common genes can promote the kind of cellular changes that led to breast cancer. They say these tweaks likely mimic natural variation women have in expression of the two genes.

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Study raises new concerns about radiation and breast cancer
It is well established that exposure to ionizing radiation can result in mutations or other genetic damage that cause cells to turn cancerous. Now a new study led by researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has revealed another way in which radiation can promote cancer development. Working with cultures of human breast cells, the …

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cyndathrilla asked:

I was not given Tamoxifin or any preventative drug. 6 months later I got cancer ,a more aggressive cancer in my left breast. My doc acted shocked. I had a lumpectomy, radiation and chemo. Then I was given Femara. Did my doc follow procedures?

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cindylucy57 asked:

I am going through treatment for inflammatory breast cancer since 2004. I’m doing well, have had a few set backs, but all in all, it’s good. I have gone through 2 separate times of radiation, 3 separate times of chemo and a bilateral mastectomy. Let me know how you are doing and what you have been going through.

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Emma W asked:

I know it may be a bit stupid but a friend told me that the radiation emmitted by the phone could give you breast cancer?

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