Question by Roger: What are the signs & symptoms of breast cancer in men?

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Answer by lo_mcg
They are much the same as symptoms in women. Early breast cancer, of course, can have no symptoms at all.

This link gives the symptoms to watch out for, and other information about breast cancer in men

If you know better then please let us know below.

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Breast cancer signs and symptoms – awareness

When it comes to breast cancer symptoms this video provides some great insights.

A survey of Scottish women reveals low awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Interview with Audrey Birt from Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Find out more at
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Signs and symptoms of breast cancer for males in this free home health video. Expert: Carolyn Waygood Bio: Carolyn Waygood is a leader in the field of health and wellness. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Signs Of Breast Cancer

This is a great video on the subject of types of breast cancer. “Women:Eliminate Breast Cancer and Not Your Breast – While Developing a Healthy Body That Will Take care of You For Years to Come!” Medical, Fitness and Nutrition Expert Reveals Never Before Seen Methods That Will Eliminate Breast Cancer From Your Body Forever! Learn what the different types of breast cancers there are. Discover the different stages of breast cancer.


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What is really the symptoms of breast cancer?

pixel chix girl 18 asked:

I just wanted to know these early signs because I know it would help.

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What are the early signs/symptoms of breast cancer?

Dorothy K asked:

I noticed 2 pea sized like stones in the area between my underarm and my breast and then I noticed the lymph nodes are super swollen, but none of it hurts at all when its touched.

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breast cancer?

? Voilà ? asked:

what are the signs of having breast cancer?
are there any physical changes and emotional changes??
how long will someone live with undiagnosed breast cancer??

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what are some signs that you have breast cancer?

smart smart. asked:

i just got out of the shower and there are these two mole looking like things that show up on mi breasts. is that breast cancer??? i do not want to see a doctor and if you suggest that you know you wont get the points but any way i need help

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Inflammatory Breast Cancer

newsanchormom asked:

This news story looks at the signs of a very deadly form of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer.

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Could breast cancer start at an early age?

breast cancer
samrawit b asked:

Could breast cancer start at an early age?How old?I have this kind of rock in my breast and I’m worried if it is one of the signs.But I’ve had the rock thing in my breast for 2 years.

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