Question by what are the symptoms of Breast cancer ..besides a lump?
my mom died of breast cancer and my aunt has it now …my whole family has cancer!!!!EGHHH i found a lump ..but i’m to scared to go to the doctors….plus i have no insurance to even go. what are the symptoms of this kind of cancer?

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Answer by magster
please get it checked out please. it may be nothing hun and I know it must to scary but be frightened now but dont throw away the chance to sort this before its to late only to regret you did nothing x

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what are the symptoms for breast cancer?

A question asked by chadj10: what are the symptoms for breast cancer?
how can u get it?….. what happens when u have it? …. can u see it? does anything happen physically or is it invisible?

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Answer by Anca B
it’s such a big subject … you can google it or talk to your doctor.
but what is very important for all the women to be aware it’s that IT can affect evrybody at almost every age and the autoexamination can be life saveing.

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Question by Rosie: What are some of the symptoms of breast cancer? ?
For example, are there any signs that you might have breast cancer?

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Answer by talr
Usually a lump in your breast.

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do i have the symptoms of breast cancer?

Question posed by : do i have the symptoms of breast cancer?
I’m 17 and I woke up this morning with two very sore lumps in my armpit. I am very nervous cause its very conman in my family. PLEASE HELP ME! I dont want to have breast cancer

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Knowing the Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Whatever facts you can unearth about breast cancer will help you a great deal in getting the treatment and the medication you need for dealing with it. This is especially true with regard to the symptoms of the disease. Arming yourself with the facts of breast cancer symptoms is certainly going to be a help in no little way.

Malignant cells formed in the tissues of your breast constitute a case of breast cancer. However, if you are able to catch these cells before they become so malignant you will be that much better off. In simpler terms, you must get a lid on the breast cancer symptoms that you can so that you don’t die from it. And yes the sooner the better, when it comes to this horrible condition.

If you are a man and you think that only women should bother about breast cancer, then you are dead wrong. You see, even men need to know their breast cancer symptoms and know them well because they can catch it. Yet, because of the susceptibility of women to the disease by reason of their exposure to the estrogen hormone, they had better pay more attention.

The degree to which you suffer from cancer of the breast will determine the intensity of the breast cancer symptoms that you see. These symptoms are critical in the diagnosis of the condition, also in the depicted treatment for it. So you are going to have to help your doctor out. And the more you know about this condition, the better for you and the more likely that you will survive it.

If you will see that you do not die from your breast cancer, you had better know what symptoms often come with it. This will enable you to catch on to it early and get the diagnosis and treatment that only a professional can administer. Like other forms of cancer, such as prostate cancer, the earlier breast cancer is detected and treated, the higher your chances of surviving it.

You may suffer from breast cancer for years without knowing it because you did not recognize its early symptoms. This is bad for your prognosis because it can allow the disease to progress to levels that it needn’t have gotten to… and without treatment too.

You may not be able to get to the doctor on time, or perhaps you just don’t have the funds to. For this reason, you must be able to identify breast cancer symptoms as they appear on you. Knowing them may be the only way you can diagnose the condition early enough to get better treatment.

You know your breast grows bigger as you approach your menses, don’t you? No, it does not meant that you have breast cancer, to that you are about to. The actual symptoms of breast cancer may not be so easily deciphered unless you know what to look for. I suggest you learn about them already so that you can.

When you suffer from breast cancer, you may experience redness of your skin, or pitting thereof, over your breast. When you find that your skin is beginning to look somewhat like the skin of an orange, it may be a good time to panic. But try to see the doctor for proper diagnosis first.

It is not unusually to experience a change in the size or the contours of your breast when you have breast cancer. As a matter of fact, that is perhaps the first of symptoms that most sufferers observe before they run in for medical checkup. You must never neglect such.

If you happen to have breast cancer, one of the symptoms you will likely see as the condition begins to progress is a retraction or indentation of the nipple of the infected breast. Although this is perhaps one of the first things you may notice, the disease has probably gone some way and done damage by this time.

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Get the symptoms of breast cancer that you may identify during a self exam in thisfree health care video. Expert: Dr. Susan Jewell Bio: Dr. Susan Jewell is a British born educated bilingual Asian with a British accent and can speak Cantonese. Filmmaker: Susan Jewell
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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A question from Ntare WA NTHERERU: What are the immediate symptoms of breast cancer?

Most comprehensive answer:

Answer by anatolia
there are no symptoms, beside the lumps. about 40% of lumps turn out to be cancer. the rest 60% aren’t dangerous.

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Are these symptoms of breast cancer?

Question by Orchid: Are these symptoms of breast cancer?
I’m a little worried about my best friend, who’s only 16. She has a pretty weak immune system and catches colds easily, but recently she found a lump in one of her breasts and then she got super sick. She got a fever of 103 and was very weak and ill. I’m not sure if it was just a flu or if that’s one of the symptoms of breast cancer. I mean, the lump could be nothing, right? She’s going to the doctor tomorrow, but I just wanted some opinions.

No 1 answer:

Answer by Bozema
The lump should be checked out to be safe but the rest is just the flu. Breast cancer is extremely rare at that age.

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Question by Amay: what are the symptoms of breast cancer with breast implants?
my mom had breast implants for 6 months and now her left breast is giving her pain around it and she can feel a bumb-like on top of her breast.. how can we know what it is thats causing this

Top answer:

Answer by jenzee
She should get to her doctor and get a mammogram as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is harder sometimes to diagnose breast cancer in women with implants. A bump or a lump does not automatically mean cancer, it could be fibrous tissue, an ingrown hair, infected mammary duct, or calcifications, but she needs to get to a doctor to rule all of that out.

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Breast cancer. Symptoms..?

Question posed by Dancer!: Breast cancer. Symptoms..?
So i know i need to go to the doctor for a check up. Just a few questions though.
So my right breast is larger then my left. Tremendesouly. and it hurts.
Both are sensitive on my period but the right one has stretch looking crevices and is kinda swallon at the top when i go to touch it. or do the three step tecnique for checking my breasts for cancer. The top is harder and kinda bumpy. My left is perfectly fine. Are these symptoms?!
iI’m only 16.. But i want to know!

Top answer:

Answer by Tarkarri
By all means get the Dr to check your breasts as part of your routine check-up, this is a good habit to get into.

Having said that, nothing you are describing sounds like anything other than normal teenage developing breasts.

It is not recommended that you start performing self checks until 20 as your breasts are so changeable before that there is no “normal” for you to compare with.

Good luck at the check-up.

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