Of the huge number of videos available about types of breast cancer here is one which I particularly liked.

www.streamingwell.com – Prof. Rob Coleman explores various choices for treating advanced or secondary breast cancer and highlights treatments such as hormone therapy, chemotherapy and targeted biological therapies. This short film looks at the different types of advanced breast cancer, Hormone Sensitive, HER2-Positive and Triple Negative and shows how each type responds to drugs and treatment in different ways. He also explains that when choosing a breast cancer treatment quality of life for the patient is a priority and that treatments should be selected on the balance between benefits and side effects that the patient is prepared to accept.


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Treatments for Breast Cancer

Take a look at this video about breast cancer treatment and then leave your thoughts below.

www.nucleusinc.com This 3D medical animation outlines various treatment options for breast cancer, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy
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See Liver Cancer Symptoms and Treatments

When it comes to breast cancer symptoms this video provides some great insights.

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Another great video on the topic of breast cancer treatment is included and we would welcome your comments once you have watched it.

Read the Transcript: to.pbs.org Two studies have doctors energized about the prospects for treating people with advanced cases of the deadly skin cancer and the prospects for a new breast cancer drug. Judy Woodruff discusses the latest developments with Dr. George Sledge of The American Society of Clinical Oncology.
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